AssemblyRoom ( is a London based design studio who design and produce contemporary British furniture for the contract market. They provide high quality contract pieces and have an award winning Interior Design practice which has been running since 2003. Their design approach to furniture is to create quality products which are comfortable, refined and built to last. AssemblyRoom contacted us here at Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. in need of Bespoke Aluminium Lampshades that would be used for commercial and domestic projects. The lampshades are currently on display in one Nandos, a restaurant famous for its Peri-Peri sauce. 

The Lampshades produced for Assembly Room were produced with efficiency and at a high quality
The Lampshades produced for Assembly Room were produced with efficiency and at a high quality

The Challenge

With AssemblyRoom’s reputation of high quality as well as being an award winning company within their market, it was vital that we maintained our consistent excellent quality we are renowned for within the Metal Industry. The Lampshades were to have minimal spinning lines after production and to have a finished paint upon completion of each Lampshade produced. Our expert metal spinners, with their experience and efficiency, were able to produce the Bespoke Lampshades to the high standards that were expected of by AssemblyRoom. 

We faced no difficulty with time due to our flexibility within our hand spinning department which is one of the largest in the UK. This allowed us to dedicate time into ensuring high standards were met, which was a requirement made by

AssemblyRoom, and therefore complete the project within the given deadline.


Peter Wall, Director of AssemblyRoom, was “very happy” with the outcome of the lampshades produced by our Metal Spinners, further commenting that we “proved helpful and knowledgeable”. Upon questioning him on our overall service, he replied that it was “on time and very communicative” and went on to recommend us to other organisations saying that he would be sure to use our services in the future.

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