CNC Metal Spinning

High Volume| Flexible capacity | Precision Spinning | Cost Effective

The Most Advanced Form of Metal Spinning

CNC is the most advanced technology in the spinning industry. Computer controlled spinning enhances the consistency of each piece, providing an ultra-smooth surface finish. Excell has the skilled technicians to keep this sophisticated piece of machinery running smoothly, getting your job completed with accuracy and speed.

We are in partnership with one of the world leading manufacturers of CNC metal spinning lathes. This partnership has recently grown to include an additional CNC metal spinning lathe. In addition to the two CNC metal spinning lathes we have a hydraulic metal spinning lathe that is capable of manufacturing spun metal components from thicker gauge material.

Precision Spinning With Flexible Capacity

Excell Metal Spinning has a fleet of CNC Metal Spinning lathes that can manufacture a wide range of different components and products. Ideal for batch runs from as little as 100 components Excell Metal Spinning aim to provide a solution fitted to your requirements.

With production runs on our CNC Metal Spinning lathes we have the capacity and the flexibility to meet your requirements. Our fleet of CNC metal spinning lathes are operated by our highly skilled CNC Operators.