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Excell Metal Spinning aims to provide the right level of service that our customers require. We work alongside our customers to make sure the best possible solution can be achieved. Through this vision we feel we can add real value to our customers.

Excell Metal Spinning has always looked to expand our capacity in terms of our services. Excell has grown the number of manufacturing services to include a wide range of different solutions. From material types to machinery investment Excell has looked to gather the knowledge to improve every aspect of how the business operates.

Through the services Excell has to offer, both internally and externally approved, we are able to offer complete solutions that take care of the complexities of multi sourced services.

Our services.

Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning is a process used in manufacturing to achieve cylindrical metal components that can be used in a wide variety of different industries and applications and products.

CNC Metal Spinning

CNC is the most advanced technology in the spinning industry. Computer controlled spinning enhances the consistency of each piece, providing an ultra-smooth surface finish.

Welding & Fabrication

MIG & TIG welding are services that Excell Metal Spinning provides to assist in the production of certain components. For example a sphere would be manufactured from two spun hemispheres and welded together to produce the finished component.

Secondary Services

As part of our ISO 9001;2015 quality management system, Excell monitors all approved suppliers for performance. Ensuring that any additional finish requirements meet the requirements in both quality and delivery performance.