3 Ways You Can Improve Your Supply Chain

Supply chain management can spiral into a lengthy task when dealing with multiple suppliers to manufacture your products. As a result, managing your suppliers can diminish many of your resources. Utilising the time it takes to contact several suppliers can be focused on other areas of the business.

Let us take “Company X” as an example. Company X provides distributors with “Part A”; Part A consists of four components. Three suppliers produce the Components. Company X assembles and sends Part A to be painted by a fourth supplier.

In this scenario, Company X needs to ensure all three suppliers are delivering on time, or Company X assembly lines will stop. Occurring results will see the distributors receiving Part A late, damaging sales, and Company X’s reputation.

With this in mind, how can this be improved? Your efforts can be increased and add value by improving your supply chain.

Review Your Suppliers

Through a review of your current suppliers, you can formulate their performance. Monitoring this will enable you to find any weaknesses that could be affecting your supply chain. In addition to this, meet with your top-performing suppliers. Investigate if there is an opportunity to increase their capacity.

Map Out Your Processes

Supply chain management can be improved internally by reducing waste. Your team is a valuable resource, speak to your team to gain insights into any pain points. If you have this mapped out already, review the process. From this, you will be able to identify any waste.

Review Your Support Systems

Technology is both efficient and a nuisance. Understand how to avoid the later by using future proof technology. Cloud-based systems are standard practice and cost-effective. Training resources and support are also readily available. The top cloud-based systems also integrate with other services, such as accounts and bookkeeping.

How Excell Operates

To ensure our customers receive the level of service they need, we do not just preach, but practice all of the above. Our culture is to work alongside our customers to become their single-source supplier. With Excell managing an increased portion of the supply chain, our customers have fewer points of contact and reduced footfall for their products.

If you are considering implementing any of the above, take a look at our quotation process article. To find out more about how to get started with Excell. If you would prefer to speak to someone, head over to Contact Us, and book an appointment.

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