A Big Welcome to One of Our New Digital Marketing Executives!

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Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. are delighted to appoint Paige Burt as Digital Marketing Executive. Paige brings with her a wealth experience and her work at Excell will see her raise the profile of our organisation across various online marketing platforms. Along with her experience, Paige brings with her an in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing Communications and will be working behind the scenes to deliver amazing content!

Paige is a passionate advocate of Manufacturing and told Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. “Manufacturing is essentially the backbone of Britain’s Economy. It keeps our small but mighty country flourishing and on a continuous positive increase as well as providing nearly 3 billion jobs”

We sat down with Paige to learn more about her and her responsibilities. Let’s see what she had to say!

What Brought You To Apply For A Job In Digital Marketing?

Since completing my Marketing degree at Solent University in 2021, I did an internship to develop my learning which helped me determine which areas of Marketing suit me and my work style best. I’ve found that over my time learning at University, but also my time working, Digital Marketing encompasses all aspects of the process that I both enjoy and excel in. I have a driving passion for both content creation and the strategy formulation of marketing processes for social and digital channels, but my love for this subject does in no way end there. A person’s knowledge on something is never complete, every day is another opportunity to learn something new, and in my opinion, digital marketing has a never-ending surplus of knowledge for me to learn.

What’s Your Key Role And Responsibilities?

As Digital Marketing Executive at Excell Metal Spinning I am part of a three-person marketing team, and together we are responsible for the Marketing for Excell. This could take me anywhere from recording content in the workshop for social channels, to sitting with the team formulating the business action plans with goals and strategies.

What Do You Most Enjoy About The World Of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, as well as organic marketing, in my opinion is just the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a topic and style that you’ll never be bored doing and that I’ve fallen in love with ever since my first day at University. There are no rules on what is right and wrong, which means that no idea is too far of a reach, you can let your creativity run wild. With digital specifically, I love that there’s an endless surplus of avenues to explore and it all comes together to paint a cohesive picture of the business.

So, From What You’ve Seen So Far In The World Of Metal Spinning – What Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Metal Spinning isn’t something that I’d ever heard of or come across before starting at Excell, but it really amazed me how present it is in everyday life, and it’s surprising me that it isn’t more recognised throughout society. Since being in the environment of Excell and surrounded by so many skilled craftsmen that are involved in the creation of so many parts, that might not be initially recognised, it has been a huge eyeopener to the craft and I’m extremely excited to learn more about it over my time at Excell.

What Are Your Impressions Of Excell Metal Spinning Ltd.?

Right off the bat, the whole team has been the most welcoming that I have ever experienced in a work force. The management team here say exactly what you want to hear, but they mean it. Safety, health and wellbeing of their employees is at the forefront of their mission, and I believe that a company that cares about their employees creates a stronger and more loyal work ethic for everyone. I have always said that a happy and positive work environment will create a better outcome and quality of the work, which I believe is 100% true at Excell. Being in the early stages of my professional Marketing career, I couldn’t ask for more. I am looking forward to my future within the company and watching it flourish and grow.

A Final Note!

It is certainly an exciting time for Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. as we welcome Paige to the Marketing Team. You will find Paige producing insightful content across Social Media and developing marketing plans to push the Excell group forward. Be sure to say hello when you next meet her!

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Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. are delighted to appoint Paige Burt as Digital Marketing Executive. Paige brings with her a wealth experience and her work at Excell will see her raise the profile of our organisation across various online marketing platforms.

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