Why you should have a Siphon in your tool collection!

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Here’s why you should always have a Siphon at hand!


What is a Siphon?

First of all, what is a Siphon exactly? As is often the case, many questions like this are asked. A Siphon is a tube used to convey liquid upwards from a reservoir and then down to a designated area, usually a bucket. This typically occurs by suction or immersion to create a ‘flow’ which can continue unaided.

A Jiggle Siphon is the same, the only difference is that a small metal valve, with a ball and/or spring inside is attached on the other end of the tube.  This helps the user create a continuous flow via jerking motions in the liquid without the user needing to suck the liquid up to create a flow. Therefore, providing a hygienic and safe alternative to basic siphons.

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Where can I purchase one?

We currently sell Premium jiggle / self priming siphons on Amazon and are proving very popular, especially considering we are the only sellers to make these in Britain. This, as well as conforming to ISO 9001 standards and BSI quality management systems, help enforce our reputation for high quality. Something not many sellers can ensure. And with the help of five star reviews on Amazon, we are selling out fast! 

Grab yours on Amazon by clicking here

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