David Harber

David Harber Excell Metal Spinning Ltd.

How a world renowned Artist’s awe inspiring design is brought to life with Excell Metal Spinning Summary The story of David Harber Ltd., like their awe inspiring designs, captivates forward-thinking craftmanship for the generations. And with it, David Harber have made it their mission to make designs that are both original and beautiful. Their alluring […]

Viking Shield

How Excell upcycled scrap material to produce a Replica Viking Shield Summary It’s that time of year folks, and today we present you with a Halloween special. In another one of our unique projects, we designed and manufactured a to scale, Viking shield. Why I hear you ask? Ignoring the fact that we now have […]

ODQA Renewable Energy Technologies

ODQA Renewable Energy Technology

How Metal Spinning is aiding the development of Renewable Sources of Heat Summary Odqa Renewable Energy Technologies is on a mission to produce high temperature heat from solar energy. Their groundbreaking developments will help companies using high temperature industrial processes switch from fossil fuels and adapt to renewable sources. What really resonates with their existing […]

Sam Nichol

How A British Designer Is Lighting The World With Excell Metal Spinning Summary Sam Nichol is truly driven by his mission – “To sell great, long-lasting, fully recyclable products manufactured in Europe”. This message resonates with his existing audience and he wanted help sourcing high-quality lampshades that will be used for some truly unique lamps […]

Bramwell Brown

How Bramwell Brown are using Metal Spinning to make time fly Summary Founded by Rob Bramwell together with his sister Sarah, Bramwell Brown Clocks have a mission “to save the world from digital dullness and spread happiness through clocks, whatever the weather”. Every unique weather forecasting wall clock that Bramwell Brown assemble is done with […]

Cross Engineering Ltd.

How a leading Welsh Engineering company is using Metal Spinning to arm a decommissioned fighter jet Summary Cross Engineering Swansea Ltd are truly driven by their mission “to keep industry moving while meeting every client’s needs and requirements”. Cross Engineering’s precision engineering workshop provides a full range of equipment to service local and national businesses […]

Grace Souky

Grace Souky

How a London based Designer is using Metal Spinning to inspire a new generation of sustainable designs with Excell Summary Grace Souky is driven by her mission “to create the family heirlooms of the future.” Her designs are manufactured with utmost quality, and her aim to create beautiful products and furniture has really helped Grace […]