Excell Metal Spinning Invest in the Future

Machinery Expansion

Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. expands with new Machinery upon investments worth £120k that sustains job roles within their automated departments and can increase their workforce by up to 10%. 

Over the latter half of December 2018 and into January 2019, we have successfully undergone an expansion programme worth an estimated £120k investment into new machinery. With the Introduction of a new CNC Leifeld PNC Metal Spinning lathe, as well as an additional Guillotine and Circle Cutter, we can ensure jobs are sustained and can now expand our workforce by 10%.

The new CNC increases our fleet of CNCs from three to four, which maintains our title for having the largest fleet of CNC Metal Spinning Lathes South of Birmingham. Further job opportunities have been made with the introduction of weekend shifts introduced by Directors Lee Bligh and Neil Hunt, as they look to increase capacity and build upon Excell’s reputation for excellence in quality and excellence in service.

The new CNC allows for a maximum of 800mm to be spun, which matches our DENN CNC’s capabilities and sits a cool second by Excell’s Hydro Lathe which can spin diameters of up to one metre. We at Excell can now further optimise the services we provide to our clients and ensure quicker lead times, and larger batches can be produced.

The arrival of the new Guillotine and Circle Cutter opens up further in house capabilities speeding up processes internally and supporting the brand promise that Excell prides itself in. “Excellence in Quality, Excellence in Service”

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