Excell’s Holiday Survival Guide 2019

Holiday Season

Metal spinning tools will be downed, and turkey’s will be prepped. The holiday season is upon us once more, each with our own traditions, our values remain clear. ‘Tis the season to be thankful, but how will you survive?

We asked a few of our craftsman how they will survive the holiday break, what we found was both insightful and bizarre. From knowing when the Turkey is ready from how many beverages have been consumed to home present wrapping stations, here is our list of top tips to surviving the holiday break.

Our scheduling team says: Take a lean approach to the holiday, preparation is everything, but only if it is given the time. Avoid those holiday bottlenecks ensuring you have a structure to the processes and allocate enough time. Nothing says Christmas like a festive Gantt Chart!

Our quality team says: The details are everything, ensure you hit your tolerances, think what is the customer asking for, and by customer we mean your family, your children may try to move the goal posts with hard negotiation tactics, but inform them of what can be achieved, quality comes first.

Our hand spinning team: Christmas dinner is like a craft, you should be able to feel it, listen to the sounds of the turkey cooking, you will know when it is done, presentation is everything, take pride in what you are displaying. Anything can become art when you look at it from a different perspective.

Our CNC spinning team: Precision is the key, its all you need. Repeat it consistently and you will take the Christmas break like the powerhouse you are. Own it down to the last programable detail.

Our dispatch team: Though Santa and his elves get all the credit, you know deep down that you were there when the going got tough. Shipping deadlines approaching you stayed long into the night at your personal packing station. You were there when the logistics got tough, you filled Santa’s sack, you were there.

Our accounts team: The hard numbers are in, you know though following your processes, sustainability through the Christmas break will be maintained. While you can let your hair down a little, be sure to stay in control, those POD’s won’t chase themselves down.

Our management team: The Christmas break can easily spiral out of control. Stay calm, take ownership, though looking at the bigger picture organise your workforce (family) with motivation and passion, excellence in quality, excellence in service.

Bonus tip: Yes when asked we do have a member of our team that has expertly gained the knowledge and skills to be able to cook the perfect Christmas dinner by the number of adult beverages he has consumed, please take note, this requires years of dedication, please do not try this at home, or work, or anywhere.


Each team here at Excell has their own roles and responsibilities, but it is the work that they do together that really creates something special. This Christmas break create something special your way, enjoy the time off and from all the team here at Excell Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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