Looking to the Lights – Product or Process

Lighting Up The World One Lampshade at a Time

Metal spinning can be found in several different industries, from chimney products to components that are sent into space, see our Metal Spinning in space post. A great deal of the time though it can be hard to recognise metal spinning in everyday life. One of the first industries that use metal spinning that comes to mind is the lighting industry.

Lighting and metal spinning can form a synergy in the way they compliment each other. Bespoke designed lampshades exquisitely crafted from metal through the metal spinning process can ascertain the beauty in both the design and the process to create the design. 

Our Bespoke Craft

Here at Excell, we are passionate about our craft, there is an excitement in the air when a new ornate lighting project hits the factory. News of the design, material and shape spreads like wildfire. The challenges the projects may bring and how to overcome them are fueled by inspiration for the process.

While this is the case, it is the product and not the process that people identify with. Rightly so, having something physical will more often than not give us an understanding of the design compared to a concept or process. This can be found in almost all products, next time you are doing your weekly food shop take a moment to think about the process that takes place to have the products on the shelves.

Brass Lighting Base Spinning

With this in mind, it is easy to see why a product is powerful, but it is also the process behind the product that can sometimes make us stand in awe. This highlights that the services that we provide can become invaluable for lighting designers or companies. We can craft your product, enhance your product and help scale your product.

For example, we recently took on a project for a Government building renovation. We had to recreate the existing designs using brass where the current design had been fabricated in sections, through the metal spinning process we were able to achieve the lighting fixtures in two parts. Enhancing the overall aesthetics of the design while reducing the time taken to manufacture.

When it comes to lighting, Excell can help illuminate your project, turning it into something of beauty.

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