Manufacturing Fight Against COVID-19

As many of you are aware, the response to the current climate from British manufacturers has been a driving force in the fightback against COVID-19 coronavirus. Manufacturers of all sizes have adapted in a call to action to provide PPE, ventilators and many more relief-based products and services to aid the NHS and supporting services.

Here at Excell Metal Spinning, it has been business as usual, supporting with indirect impacts to provide our customers in the construction, medical and civil engineering sectors with components that take a supporting role, behind the scenes. Though this is the case they play a vital role in the infrastructure of the continued fight against COVID-19 coronavirus.

Standing Strong

With the setup of emergency overflow hospitals in the UK by the Government continuing, most notably the conversion of the London ExCell Centre. ICU units within these hospitals require additional ventilation. Excell Metal Spinning has been working closely with its customers in the industrial fan sector to provide the spun metal components for attenuators. Hidden away in roofing spaces the components are rarely seen but enable large extraction units to operate within a safe decibel range.

Other key components in ventilation extraction are high-efficiency particulate air systems (HEPA). HEPA systems work to filter air through a fine mesh and are applied in situations that require contamination control. Excell Metal Spinning manufactures several components for HEPA filters and have recently supplied a customer with 100 units with more to follow.

In addition to the vital ventilation components, another key part of the infrastructure within hospitals is the medical gas pipe systems. Parts manufactured by Excell Metal Spinning for a customer are incorporated into the valve sections of the systems. These parts are currently in production to be shipped later this week.

Exporting Efforts

Now while the efforts of British manufacturers continue to prevail to help aid the UK government and the NHS, the levels of required PPE and components has been unprecedented. In addition to the efforts made by the UK manufactures the global response has been resilient to the cause. Several imports have been made to the UK to help, but also British manufacturers have been assisting the global effort through exports.

Excell Metal Spinning works with customers from a variety of different sectors. While the process of public health spraying may seem strange within our culture, this is the norm within several countries around the world, even before the current pandemic. The services have been adapted to aid in containing the spread of the virus in public spaces. We will be supplying 1200 units to be exported over the coming weeks in aid of these efforts.

Resilience Will Prevail

In these uncertain times the efforts of all involved, especially the key-workers on the frontlines, continues to be an exemplary driving force in combatting the pandemic, here at Excell we have taken all the precautionary measures to continue our efforts in supporting our customers as many of you have around the UK.  Innovation, adaptability, and resilience have always been strong among successful British companies. The current climate amplifies this. From all the team at Excell, we wish your wellbeing and safety in these challenging times.

We will be sending out weekly email updates regarding our situation as any developments take place. We understand that as businesses we must come together to find sustainable solutions that ensure service continue and production of parts are not halted. As part of our solution we will be clear in our communication and if any additional measures need to be taken, we will work with you to tailor the solution as best as possible.

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