How to Metal Spin Spigots

Step 1 – Set up and equipment checks

The first step to producing Spigots is to turn the spinning lathe on to your desired speed. The speed preferences chosen by the operator would be in accordance to their confidence and skill levels, as well as the blank size and also health and safety regulations. PPE (personal protective equipment) is required by law HASAW (health and safety at work act) 1974, and is to be worn at all times when operating a spinning lathe.

Step 2 – Truing up the blank

The next stage is to True up the blank. This requires a slight release of the Tailstock  to free the blank enough to allow the back stick to move the blank. The operator will be able to perform this through use of sight and touch, which experience allows them to successfully find an indication that the blank is running True.

Step 3 – Clamp the blank against Tool

Once True, the tail stock must be cranked up in order to clamp the blank against the metal former/ tool of the desired shape and size.

Step 4 – Spinning Tools and how to use them

Spinning tools

Various handmade spinning tools are used in line with the spinner’s preferences. Though there are many differences to the tools one operator uses compared to another, there are similarities to the desired performance and use of certain tools in order to form blanks over the tool. The movement of the tool would be in the shape of an arc. The arc shape would be fairly large towards the start of the process of ‘forming’ the blank over the desired tool in use. The arc gradually becomes smaller until the spinning tool presses against the tool mould. The operator is in full control throughout this process and their skills determine how successful they are in performing this stage.

Cutting tools

Cutting tools are are used to the metal spinning piece to the required diameter/size which are usually applied to the front/back edges of the piece.

Step 5 – Cleaning applications

The final stage of metal spinning requires the cleaning of the metal spun piece. The cleaning application is a standard uniform finish which is usually applied through the use of either Scotch Brite pads, Emery Cloths or a soft rag/mop.

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