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Process Focus: Metal Spinning Quotation

Throughout our 20th anniversary year, we will be focusing on the key areas within our business to highlight how we work and our processes. As an ISO 9001; 2015 accredited company we have a real passion for how we operate and transparency in communication is at the core of our focus.

At the beginning of our quotation process, you may be looking to contact us to discuss your project or requirements. There are several ways that you can get in touch with us. Our website has a dedicated enquiry form that highlights the details we require to understand your project. This is a fantastic way to reach out to us as it will provide all the information we require to help kickstart your project. If you have some questions or want to talk through your project or designs, a phone call could be the way forward. A member of our technical sales team is always happy to discuss your requirements.

Social media is another way you can say hello, we love engaging with the communities we have built across our social platforms so if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Our Quotation Process

Depending on how you get in touch the results are always the same. A dedicated member of our sales team will contact you via your prefered contact method, be it phone, email or social media. After discussing your project and requirements it may become clear that to get to the finer details a meeting would be beneficial for all parties involved. With this in mind, we would arrange a meeting to come and visit you.

Now the all-important part, our quotation. This will be sent out via email to you and will include a breakdown of everything we have discussed in your project and requirements. This will include our lead times that we would have highlighted throughout the process.

After this we understand that it is not the end for you, our services may only be a part of your overall project. We will look to touch base with you around a week after we send the quotation over just to see how you are getting on.

Our next focused post we will be looking at our order process and how we turn your ideas into reality. There may be some wizardry involved, but be sure we will offer you peace of mind in becoming an integral part of your supply chain. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list and follow our social channels we are always happy to say hello and talk about new and exciting projects.

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