How To Save Your Company Money with Metal Spinning

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There are many advantages to using metal spinning over traditional manufacturing processes. Metal spinning offers cost savings, improved production capabilities, and the production of high-quality components with fewer unfavourable traits compared with other techniques.

Low Material Costs

In metal spinning, the material cost is significantly less than in other processes such as die casting or stamping.

This is because the material used for metal spinning is flat sheet stock. Material costs are determined by several factors, but by far the most important is material type and thickness. Just like 3mm stainless steel would cost more than 1mm stainless steel, copper and brass will be more expensive than stainless steel. Sheet stock is much less expensive than bar stock. The reason for this difference in cost is that sheet stock can be rolled to any thickness required and then cut into pieces that are as long or short as needed.

Lower Tooling Costs

The technique of metal spinning is more adaptable than others since it can create intricate shapes without the use of pricey, one-time-use dies. Producing tooling for metal spinning is easy and affordable. When compared to conventional metal forming methods, the initial tooling investment for a component can be reduced by 80 to 90%.

It also requires less energy per part produced than most other types of machining processes such as extrusion and injection moulding (as well as fewer steps overall), metal spinning is also much more efficient in terms of both raw materials consumed per unit produced and total energy consumed per unit produced compared against these two latter options alone.

Increased Production Capabilities

Metal spinning provides more production capabilities and flexibility than other manufacturing processes, allowing manufacturers to make parts in a variety of shapes and sizes. Parts can be made with complex shapes or features that are difficult to make with other methods. The metal spinning process allows the manufacturer to create parts from small run quantities up to long runs without sacrificing quality or performance.

Less Waste = Less Cost

Metal spinning is a very efficient process. Compared to other manufacturing solutions, metal spinning is a low-emissions process that produces very little waste. Since metal spinning is a method that creates components by deforming a piece of metal, the component can be reconfigured without the addition or subtraction of material. Metal spinning offers a considerable economic benefit by preserving metal resources in an era of growing metal prices.

Additionally, metal spinning is a very clean operation, which lowers your long-term maintenance expenses. Customers that need their products to remain in pristine condition for extended periods of time will find it appealing because the low pressure used to shape the parts ensures that there won’t be any marks on your finished product. In addition to leaving no markings, metal spinning creates seamless components meaning they can withstand greater pressures both internally and externally.

Metal spinning has been tested by several independent organizations showing that this method of manufacturing produces less waste than other processes such as machining or casting while also producing better quality parts with fewer defects than any other manufacturing method available today! It’s easy to see why everyone should be using this technique when creating their own unique spinners!

High-Quality Parts

Metal spinning is a process that allows you to form parts quickly and easily. The metal flows better through the tool and requires less force to form the part, so our team can get the job done at a fraction of the cost. This means less heat is generated during manufacturing. Less heat means less distortion, which leads to a higher-quality part overall:

By realigning the metal’s grain structure, metal spinning enhances the metallurgy and tensile strength. As a result, a component can withstand an increase in stress without cracking or fracturing. This in turn increases the life function of the component saving you time and money on replacements later on (not to mention making sure your customers are happy.)


Metal spinning is an excellent way to manufacture your parts. It’s fast, easy and affordable. Metal spinning can be used as a standalone process or as part of an overall manufacturing strategy. The best part is that it saves you money by reducing waste material costs, improving quality, and shortening lead times for prototypes and production runs alike!

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Metal spinning offers cost savings, improved production capabilities, and the production of high-quality components with fewer unfavourable traits compared with other techniques.

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