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Since its inception in 1981, Steve Vick International has stood at the forefront of the trenchless repair industry, pioneering a suite of safe and efficient techniques for pipe repair, renovation, and decommissioning. With a strong heritage and commitment to innovation and excellence, the company has carved out a niche as a premier provider of trenchless solutions across the gas distribution, water, and nuclear decommissioning sectors.

 Foam Bag Operation on Stubs (FBOS), a technique that has transformed the landscape of gas mains decommissioning is a testament to Steve Vick International’s success.. Developed through a collaboration with Cadent, FBOS represents a leap forward in tackling the industry’s most challenging engineering tasks, marrying safety with efficiency.

The success of FBOS hinges on the reliability and precision of every component A critical component of this success is the aluminium housing supplied by Excell Metal Spinning, whose precision and reliability ensure the seamless execution of FBOS.

This case study delves into the collaborative journey of Steve Vick International and Excell Metal Spinning, highlighting the triumphs and innovations that have led to safe and impactful solutions for the gas industry.

Steve Vick International

Steve Vick International was founded in 1981 by the current chairman, Steve Vick, who saw an opportunity to develop ways of safely sealing off gas mains and services using expanding resin foams under ‘live’ conditions. From its humble beginnings as a husband and wife team operating out of their home in Norton St Phillip, Somerset, Steve Vick International has grown into a global leader in the field, known for its family values and commitment to safety and excellence.

The company’s journey is marked by significant milestones, such as the development of the Live Mains Insertion technique, a game-changing approach to cast iron mains replacement that ensures uninterrupted gas supply. This innovation caught the attention of British Gas, which granted Steve Vick International a license to market the technique worldwide in 1984. The subsequent growth led to a move to larger premises in Bath in 1989 and eventually to purpose-built headquarters in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, in 2014.

Over the years, Steve Vick International has not only cemented its status in the gas distribution sector but has also expanded into water utility and nuclear decommissioning, adapting its technologies to meet the challenges of these industries. The company’s collaborative ethos has resulted in numerous accolades, including ‘2015 Company of the Year’ at The Gas Industry Awards and recognition at the 2014 Nuclear Decommission Association Supply Chain Awards.

The industry celebrates over four decades of Steve Vick International, reflecting on a history rich with innovation, community engagement, and a dedication to sustainability. The company’s family values remain at its core, guiding its mission to provide solutions that shape a safer, more efficient world for generations to come.

Steve Vick International Logo

Embracing Metal Spinning

Before the advent of our partnership, Steve Vick International faced significant challenges. Bespoke components were required for their FBOS technique, something traditional foundries could not provide. The need for lower volume, custom-designed components was also critical, yet sourcing them became a bottleneck that threatened the development process, affecting both efficiency and product quality.

It was then that Steve Vick looked to metal spinning to provide a solution to their unique requirements. The metal spinning process promised to deliver the lightweight, bespoke components essential for FBOS technology. Among potential suppliers, Excell Metal Spinning stood out as capable of meeting Steve Vick’s stringent quality standards and rapid prototyping needs. Our proximity to their headquarters aligned with Steve Vick’s environmental commitment, further solidifying their decision to choose us as their partner.

Equipped with one of the largest fleets of CNC metal spinning lathes, along with one of the largest hand spinning departments in the UK, Excell could easily react to quantity requirements and design changes. And with supporting services including welding and laser cutting, Steve Vick could source everything they required from a one-stop shop solution. Steve Vick International could then rely upon our expertise and flexibility for rapid prototyping and iterative design improvements, ensuring the final product met their exact specifications.

Feedback and Success

The collaboration between Steve Vick International and Excell Metal Spinning has been nothing short of transformative. “Since implementing Excell Metal Spinning’s solutions, we have achieved measurable improvements in production efficiency and product quality. Their aluminium housings have consistently met our performance standards, contributing to our reputation for reliability within the gas industry. Positive results include their ability to support us through various phases of development, from research to market readiness.

Our experience working with Excell Metal Spinning has been overwhelmingly positive. Throughout the implementation process, they have demonstrated professionalism, responsiveness, and a commitment to delivering high-quality products. Their team has consistently gone above and beyond to meet our needs, fostering a longstanding and trusted partnership spanning over 15 years.

Feedback from our own customers regarding products involving metal spinning has been consistently positive. Excell Metal Spinning’s contributions have had a significant impact on our ability to innovate and deliver reliable solutions to the gas industry. Their support during research, development, and testing phases has been instrumental in bringing FBOS from concept to market-ready product.”

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The Future and Challenges on the Horizon

As they look to continue to push the boundaries of innovation in gas network solutions, they stated; “We see our partnership with Excel Metal Spinning as integral to our future success, with their ability to provide bespoke solutions playing a crucial role in our continued growth”.

Steve Vick International in the meantime anticipate many challenges down the road, including the evolving regulatory standards and technological advancements. However, they remain confident in overcoming these challenges with the support of trusted suppliers like Excell Metal Spinning Ltd.

For businesses considering metal spinning as a solution, Steve Vick recommend seeking a supplier capable of offering bespoke solutions and supporting the entire product development cycle. “Our partnership with Excel Metal Spinning exemplifies the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and a shared commitment to excellence. Through this experience, we have learned the value of choosing the right partners and investing in long-term relationships built on trust and mutual success.

In conclusion, Excel Metal Spinning has been instrumental in our journey to revolutionise gas mains decommissioning with the FBOS technique. Their expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions have empowered us to overcome challenges and deliver impactful solutions to the gas industry. As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue our partnership with Excel Metal Spinning and drive further innovation in gas network solutions.”

Final Words

As a valued customer of over 15 years, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Vick International for their continued trust and support of our metal spinning craft. Their commitment to supporting local artisans like ourselves, as well as shaping a safer, more efficient world is a testament of British Manufacturing.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their website at www.SteveVick.com and don’t forget to follow them on social media.

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