Excell Metal Spinning ltd – A Christmas Update

Share this article: Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email back to all We Wish You A Merry Christmas! Well, what a year it has been! Looking back on 2021, it’s undoubtedly been eventful. With the first few months in another, and hopefully the last, national […]

Welcome Our New Digital Marketing Executives!

Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. are delighted to appoint Alex Melo-Mora as Digital Marketing Executive. Along with her experience, Alex brings with her an energetic and enthusiastic personality; a most welcome asset to the team.

A Big Welcome to One of Our New Digital Marketing Executives!

Excell Metal Spinning Ltd. are delighted to appoint Paige Burt as Digital Marketing Executive. Paige brings with her a wealth experience and her work at Excell will see her raise the profile of our organisation across various online marketing platforms.

Metal Spinning Applications: A Complete Guide

Over the course of this series, we have been taking you into our world of Metal Spinning. From The Ultimate Guide to Metal Spinning where we looked into what Metal Spinning is and the three core processes in the craft, to guiding you on how to metal spin in our Beginner’s Guide to Metal Spinning.

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Spinning (With Diagrams)

Manufacturing is an important industry in the UK, of which Metal Spinning forms a niche sector supplying thousands of businesses across the world. In recent findings, the UK retained its position as the ninth leading manufacturer in terms of output totalling £191 billion in 2019

How to Identify Discrete Manufacturing Processes: A Guide

You probably already know how integral manufacturing processes are to the success of your operational efforts and subsequent customer relationships. Which is why it is exceptionally important on easily identifying manufacturing processes and what they involve.