Resilient UK Manufacturing Gains Confidence in Post-Brexit Era

Resilient UK manufacturing

Resilient UK Manufacturing Gains Confidence in a Post-Brexit Era Despite the many challenges industry is currently faced with, UK manufacturing is proving once again its resilience. With the release of Make UK’s annual survey, in partnership with PwC, findings indicate that optimism couldn’t be any higher. Published on Monday, findings showcase a bright outlook for […]

The Importance of Steel Making to the UK and Manufacturing

The importance of steel making to the UK economy

Over the weekend, we read reports from The Guardian, about how Port Talbot continues its battle to keep its steelmaking tradition alive. For more than a century, Port Talbot has played an important role in UK steelmaking employing more than 4,000 people in a town numbering 32,000

Metal Spinning Lighting

In today’s blog, we will explore more about the metal spinning technique that helps light up our homes and streets. We explore some of the materials used for lighting in addition to the innovative designs metal spinning has to offer. Let’s illuminate you with knowledge!

Metal Spinning British Made Lampshades

Metal Spinning British Made Lampshades

In this blog, we explore a brief on how metal spinning works and why it is so adept at making lampshades. We will also take you through how we can help with your lampshade projects, showcasing real world examples of our work. So enough talking, and let’s get straight to it.