The Importance of Steel Making to the UK and Manufacturing

The importance of steel making to the UK economy

Over the weekend, we read reports from The Guardian, about how Port Talbot continues its battle to keep its steelmaking tradition alive. For more than a century, Port Talbot has played an important role in UK steelmaking employing more than 4,000 people in a town numbering 32,000

Metal Spinning Lighting

In today’s blog, we will explore more about the metal spinning technique that helps light up our homes and streets. We explore some of the materials used for lighting in addition to the innovative designs metal spinning has to offer. Let’s illuminate you with knowledge!

Spinning Towards Sustainability: Excell’s Green Journey

Spinning Towards Sustainability: Excell's Green Journey

Spinning Towards Sustainability: Excell’s Green Journey Join us as we explore the remarkable partnerships, local connections, and sustainable initiatives that shape our commitment to a greener future. Discover the secrets to our sustainable efforts, as well as our investments in energy efficiency.  Metal Spinning: A conservative form of Metal Forming Metal spinning stands out as […]